Technology and Gaming (T.A.G.), Inc. is an non-profit education initiative teaching students 6th-12th grade advanced computing through developing video games. T.A.G. Inc. aims to empower and build the next generation of productive innovators through teaching technology in fun and interactive ways whether through game design, or the use of multimedia.

Get Involved

If your looking for a fun exciting way to enrich your life by enhancing the lives of others T.A.G. is the right opportunity for you. Lend your time, money or expertise to a worthy cause. Volunteer your time as a mentor. Sponosor a program or a kid. If you are a avid video gamer, designer or technologist and want to share your experiences with todays youth join our instructor team.

Our events

"Play with Purpose" is our mantra and we live and breathe it every day. Join us as we explore the rapidly changing landscape of the Washington DC area in our monthly business network events. Discover new restaurants meet new people and in the process help a worthy cause. Register now for an upcoming event as space is limited for these exclusive tastings at fine establishments