Technology and Gaming (T.A.G.), Inc. is a non-profit education organization that teaches 6th-12 graders advanced computing and multimedia skills by teaching them to develop video games. Students of all abilities and backgrounds advance their skills; learn how to apply those skills directly to activities they enjoy and to innovate at any age.

Get Involved

If your looking for a fun exciting way to enrich your life by enhancing the lives of others T.A.G. is the right opportunity for you. Lend your time, money or expertise to a worthy cause. Volunteer your time as a mentor. Sponosor a program or a kid. If you are a avid video gamer, designer or technologist and want to share your experiences with todays youth join our instructor team.


TAG Labs creates fun, interactive learning technologies that embed academic content and assessment to promote game-based learning and increase student engagement. The students themselves are involved in developing their own original game creations as well as gain experience with working on real world projects.