About T.A.G. Labs

DC based Technology and Gaming Labs (T.A.G) was launched in 2013 by technology professionals who sought to transform youth learning through interactive gaming experiences. These experiences teach students how technology works. T.A.G.’s founders believe this approach builds vital developmental skills while positioning youth for lucrative creative careers. T.A.G helps young people enhance their creative talents by developing computer games, mobile applications and websites. Students design programs and products that improve their math, science, technology, problem-solving and team-building skills. This approach engages, challenges, and empowers students of all academic and socio-economic backgrounds to explore, innovate, and succeed. In sum, we strive to grow tomorrow’s technology innovators by teaching today’s youth gaming and multimedia technologies. Our goal is to create a nationwide organization that empowers kids and young adults to program games, mobile applications, and websites. T.A.G. encourages students to think creatively in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). We are focused on increasing enrollment and employment opportunities within all STEM segments, with a specific focus on developing inner-city youth into innovative technology creators in high-demand. T.A.G. aims to use a structured but entertaining program to engage students in interactive learning experiences which will increase their knowledge, skills and STEM confidence.

Who's behind T.A.G. Labs

Terrence Wilburn

Founder and Executive Director

Terrence Wilburn is a MBA, Technology Entrepreneur and Philanthropist who enjoys using strategic and creative thinking to build budding organizations. Terrence is a graduate of University of Maryland Smith School of Business, Executive MBA program. He completed his undergraduate degree with a BBA in Management Information Systems from the University of North Texas. Mr. Wilburn experienced early entrepreneurial success, starting a Web design company in Dallas Texas. He grew the company to 10 employees from his first contract win. He spent several years teaching Web Design and Web Programming courses at North Lake College promoting a passion for teaching and mentoring students. Inspired by a MBA Capstone project Terrence started T.A.G. (Technology and Gaming) a Non-Profit S.T.E.M. initiative to teach kids technology through coding video games. Mr. Wilburn is also a former collegiate football player and enjoys travel, photography, and water sports. Terrence has a passion for health and wellness and strives to inspire himself and others through staying actively healthy. His mantra is to “Live your best life ever”.

Kreston Shirley

Co-Founder Vice President and Board Chair

Kreston is a native Washingtonian Software Developer that has experience in a wide variety of disciplines in the tech world. Kreston is a graduate of Florida A&M University with a degree in Computer Information Systems. While at college, Kreston started the first ever video game club on campus where he served as president for the remainder of his college tenure. After graduation, Kreston co-founded PopUpArcadeDC to continue doing gaming events. Kreston’s bridge into technology was gaming. Kreston grew up around video games starting with PS1, N64, Windows 95 and arcades. Passively he developed a passion not only for gaming but technology by having a burning curiosity on how the gadgets worked. He now wants to pass that knowledge and passion to the next generation of technologists. He still enjoys playing video games with his friends in his free time. Kreston also enjoys playing sports like baseball and football.

Meet our T.A.G. Labs Staff Members

Cole Wrampelmeier

Program Manager

Cole Wrampelmeier is a graduate student at the American University game lab, working on a Master of Arts in Game Design with a focus on digital humanities.

Ren Cdebaca

Curriculum Manager

By day, Ren now works as a Data Science and Consultant who helps build data backed solutions to client problems. By night, she supports the TAG mission by researching, collecting, and organizing Computer Science curriculum to share with TAG Students. Ren’s goal is to make sure students today have a better Computer Science education than her generation received.

Meet our T.A.G. Labs Board Members

Shalanda Armstrong

Shalanda has a passion for learning and exposing technology to under-represented groups. After being exposed to programming by learning to code in COBOL as a kid. She went on to earn a B.S. in Computer Science, a M.S. in Engineering and Technology Management and a MBA.

Jason Taylor

Jason has always had a passion for working with young people and engaging them in positive activities. Jason has worked with youth in Detroit, Atlanta, Houston and Washington, D.C. in various capacities.

Steve Baynes

Coast Guard Academy Graduate, 25 year CG veteran, 4 years with DYRS (Deputy Director), Entrepreneur (Child Welfare Consultant), Co-Founder/CEO of teh Baynes Family Farm, LLC (Getaway Retreat Center focused on child welfare/youth development)

Sean Jennings

Sean Jennings is a web developer with experience in education. His passion lies in creating an environment that introduces children to technology at a very young age.

Tony Powell

Tony Powell is owner and developer at Philosoplay, a small online video game company, and has worked as an indie game developer since 2001. Philosoplay works to transform what are commonly called ideas, thoughts, or dreams into unique interactive experiences.

Vajaah Parker

Vajaah is a Jersey girl that hasn't been able to escape the gravitational pull of the District. Professionally, she serves as the Chief Strategist at The Web Development Group building enterprise level websites on open source platforms.

Derrick Thomas

Derrick Thomas is a Cyber Engineer with over 10 years of experience delivering enterprise IT solutions for clients in the Federal Government. Derrick has received both his Masters and Bachelors degrees in Computer Science from The George Washington University and Florida A&M University respectively.

Erick Mitchell

F. Erick Mitchell currently serves as the Director and Chief Investigator of Compliance, Diversity and Ethics at George Mason University. In this role he provides strategic vision and support to the university on diversity related matters.

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