Intro to Visual Inspector

Virtual Reality

Intro to Visual Inspector

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Project Setup

If you have your Aframe project, open that

If you don’t have an Aframe project, Remix this project

Activating Visual Inspector

ctrl + alt + i enables the visual inspector when viewing your VR scene.

Customizing Environment

Visual Inspector doesn’t work well with the environment generator. You have to manually add the environment tags back into the scene.

<a-entity environment="preset: starry; "></a-entity>

Here are a list of different values we can have for the preset attribute:
– egypt
– forest
– japan
– starry
– yavapai
– volcano
– arches
– tron
– goldmine
– poison
– osiris
– goaland

Try each one of them out Decide on which one you like best

Other attributes we can modify:
– skyColor: use hex values
– groundColor: use hex values
– groundColor2: use hex values
– ground: flat, hills, canyon, spikes, noise
– dressing: cubes, pyramids, cylinders, towers, mushrooms, trees
– dressingAmount: any valid number


<a-entity environment="preset: forest; skyColor: #445; groundColor: #445; groundColor2: #6d3957; ground: canyon; dressing: trees; dressingAmount: 200"></a-entity>

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