More HTML Tags

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Lesson 2: More HTML Tags

Lab Activity:

You will be creating a webpage that highlights you as an individual and student. This will be used by college recruiters that want to get to know you better and understand why you should be accepted to your college of choice.

The goal of this exercise is to utilize your knowledge of HTML

This webpage should contain the following information:

  • Profile Picture (It can be of yourself or something else. Make sure its appropriate)
  • Full Name (Use heading tag)
  • Grade (Make sure its bold)
  • Fun Fact about yourself ( Should use paragraph tag)
  • Top 5 colleges you want to attend (Get each college’s logo and place them in a list)
  • Top 5 majors you’re interested in and why (Ordered List)
  • Why do you want to go to college? (Paragraph tag)
  • What extracurricular activities are you involved with? (Paragraph tag)
  • What are your top 5 video games? (Ordered List of Game Logos)

This webpage should use:

  • Tab title should contain your Full Name
  • paragraph tag
  • heading tag
  • ordered and unordered lists
  • image tags

Remix the project below:!/profile-template

Name your project like this: <your-name>-profile


Style the elements on the page using <style></style>. Hint: you need to understand how ids and classes are used. Or you can use inline styles to spruce up your markup.


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