Bring T.A.G. To Your School

Our after-school enrichment programs are designed to keep your students engaged through project based learning. Each project is crafted to stimulate creative thinking, captivate students with current technology and teach coding. We team with your school or organization to help achieve your current education and S.T.E.M. objectives. Our instructors and mentors are technology industry experts and technology students. We’ll teach your scholars about the rewarding careers in the Technology and Gaming industries.

Afterschool Programs

6th - 12th grade

Our after school programs create fun, interactive learning experiences that embed academic content and assessment to promote game-based learning and increase student engagement. The students are involved in developing their own original game creations while gaining real world experience.

TAG Arcade

All Ages

We bring in modern and retro gaming consoles and allow the students a opportunity to engage with each other, teachers and mentors. We conduct video game tournaments with interactive leaderboards to encourage healthy competition amongst the group. We found Arcade days to be an effective way of incentivising the students and connecting the learning experience.


All Ages

Our underlying approach in facilitating one day intensive workshops is to demonstrate that there’s so much our youth can do even with just limited instruction. For example, these workshops expose youth participants to game development, graphic design, and enhanced computer knowledge. With this window into the world of gaming technology, young people leave with resources for continued self-learning as well as opportunities to continue growing with T.A.G. professionals.


What Curriculum items do we cover for our afterschool programs?

Each T.A.G. Learning Module or Workshop is designed to teach coding through project based learning. From the onset the students learn common coding terminology, coding practices, as well as learn about career paths within the technology and gaming fields. Additionally the students are practicing, creative thinking, problem solving and reinforcing skills taught in their respective institutions.

What is the target age group?

6th - 12th grade but can start as early as 4th grade for exceptional students.

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