T.A.G. (Technology and Gaming) Labs is a D.C. based nonprofit launched in 2013 by technology professionals with a passion for teaching young people coding and other S.T.E.A.M. related skills through the building of interactive gaming experiences.

T.A.G. seeks to promote and inspire underrepresented populations in the technology field such as young women and students of color into exploring careers in technology that perhaps they would have ignored due to their lack of exposure to them.

Since the inception of T.A.G. Labs, our students have shown a 60% increase in their knowledge of coding skills and their career opportunities in technical industries.

As a result of our success, our programming is growing by 30% in the 2017-2018 school year. This represents an increase of 105 new students.

Due to our program expansion, we need to purchase more computer equipment and are seeking corporate sponsors for our current intern development program.

We seek to equip underrepresented youth with the skills and resources that will inspire and enable them to pursue opportunities in the technology field.

Step 1


We choose to use video games as a way to educate our students in order to meet them where they are in today’s highly interactive world.

Step 2

Project Based Learning

Our project based curriculums give students the opportunity to work on coding projects of their own choosing while learning highly sought after technical skills.

Step 3

Career Outlook

We mentor our students on career and education opportunities within the technology and S.T.E.A.M. related fields.

Our programs start as early as 4th grade and goes to 12th grade. Our 2 year college intern program focuses on technical skill building, professional development, working on industry projects, and job placement.

Middle School

Aftercare Program

High School

Workshops Hackathons

College Internship

Teaching/Mentoring Professional Development Industry Projects

Industry Placement

Job Placement

T.A.G.’s internship program is centered around our interns gaining practical real world experience. We’ve instituted the use of passion projects (practical projects of the participants' choosing) that align with developing their desired skill set and work experiences. The passion project can be an internal project for T.A.G. or a project for one of our corporate sponsors

60% of our interns have moved on to careers in the technology industry.

40% of our interns are completing their studies in technology related fields.

Our Goal is 100% Job Placement



Since T.A.G.’s inception, we’ve worked with 8 different DC Public and Charter Schools and 6 youth based organizations to teach S.T.E.A.M. skills. We’me taught more than 400 students how to code basic video games. Students who attend T.A.G. programming show at least a 60% increase in their technical knowledge and ability.

Based on our recent student survey of afterare program participants


feel our coding and game design programs are fun and engaging.


likes the way T.A.G. teaches coding concepts.


feel inspired to continue coding after completing a 10 week program.


have increased their knowledge of core computing concepts after completing our program.


students learned the basics of coding.

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