Meet Our GuyKreston is a native Washingtonian Software Developer that has experience in a wide variety of disciplines in the tech world. Kreston is a graduate of Florida A&M University with a degree in Computer Information Systems. While at college, Kreston started the first ever video game club on campus where he served as president for the remainder of his college tenure. After graduation, Kreston co-founded PopUpArcadeDC to continue doing gaming events. Kreston’s bridge into technology was gaming. Kreston grew up around video games starting with PS1, N64, Windows 95 and arcades. Passively he developed a passion not only for gaming but technology by having a burning curiosity on how the gadgets worked. He now wants to pass that knowledge and passion to the next generation of technologists. He still enjoys playing video games with his friends in his free time. Kreston also enjoys playing sports like baseball and football.
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