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Award Winning Program


Program curriculum

Through project-based curriculum students gain confidence, build problem-solving skills and a learn to code. Our student-focused approach teaches programming concepts through block coding like Scratch and real programming languages like Python, JavaScript, Swift, C# and Lua.

For Parents:

T.A.G. curriculum is designed to grow with your kids and focuses on teaching core coding skills and languages used by companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, and EA-Sports. With each course, your kid will gain proficiency and add more complex projects to their portfolio. All classes are taught in age appropriate development environments, from block coding with Scratch to professional programming tools like Unity.



For Schools:

T.A.G. has taught in-school and after school Computer Science classes at numerous US schools since 2013. Using Common Core learning objectives, we tailor our curriculum for Computer Science Electives, Enrichment classes and Coding Camps. We have multiple courses from beginner to advanced levels.


Computer Science electives and Enrichment Programs:

Our most recent partner with IDEA a DC Public and Charter High School, has enabled the school to add a multi-year Computer Science CTE offering.




All of our programs are designed to be:

Project Based

Students are introduced to coding concepts as they build practical projects, from games to web applications.


Each student learns differently. Our curriculum allows students to learn core skills and explore their learning style through hands on projects.


T.A.G.s curriculum is designed to grow with our students.

Skills focused

We focus on teaching coding skills and not tools. We introduce students to different programming languages appropriate for their age and experience level.


Program clients

Youth organizations we have worked with:

Schools we have worked with:


Elementary Schools

  • Bishop John T Walker

  •  Imagine Andrews Public Charter School

Middle Schools

  • Charles Hart

  • Leckie Education Campus

  • Somerset Prep

  • Two Rivers

  • Stuart-Hobson 

  • Chavez Prep

  • Johnson (John Hayden Johnson Middle School) 

  • La-Salle Backus 

  • Jefferson 

  • McKinley Tech

  • West Education Campus

  • Eliot Hines 

  • Langley Education Campus 

  • Sousa Middle School 

High Schools

  • Cesar Chavez Public Charter  

  • IDEA Public Charter 

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